Chicken Vegetable Bake

Several years ago when I subscribed to for losing weight, I gathered ideas from other recipes, and came up with my Chicken Vegetable Bake. I don’t add any sides to it, because it’s filling enough all by itself. The liquids from the ingredients blend to create an aromatic, flavorful broth, so this dish is best served in bowls. […]

Lenticchie, an Italian lentil stew

An Italian tradition is to serve Lenticche at midnight on New Year’s Eve, to bring good fortune and hope that you will not want for cash in the following year. The lentils symbolize little coins. Italian dishes tend to be seasonal, so this is an obvious choice for late fall/early winter. My sister Cheri was […]

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili with Honey Corn Bread Muffins

Happy Fall, one and all!  The foliage is turning (started here 3 or 4 weeks ago). There’s a definite nip in the evening air, and the haunted houses/mazes are gearing up for the season. Fall makes me think of warm & cozy nights with a hot bowl of soup or chili. I follow a GREAT blog, Good […]

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Fajitas

There’s just something about fajitas… You’ve just been seated at an American fare-type restaurant. Menu in hand, you’re trying to decide what sounds good… then a server walks by with a fajita platter. The sound of the juices sizzling on the hot cast iron platter, plus the aroma of marinated chicken, onions and peppers wafting all around you, make your meal decision […]

Baked Chicken Penne with Alfredo-Marinara Sauce

There is just something about pasta. It’s versatile, delicious both hot and cold. It’s also a comfort food for many, including me! I recently returned from a week’s vacation in Washington/Idaho, for my oldest nephew Marco’s wedding (Steph, welcome to the Nuthouse!). A bunch of the cousins decided to head to dinner together the night […]