Home’s style returns to the kitchen with a custom flourish

Home’s style returns to the kitchen with a custom flourish. Advertisements

New kitchen for the holidays? It’s not too soon to start!

If you’re thinking about having a new kitchen to do your holiday entertaining in for fall/winter, well you really should start planning NOW. Depending on how much of a change you are envisioning, getting started in the spring is the smart choice. You want to make sure you have plenty of time with your designer to […]

Cabinet Discounts Still Available

Kitchen Kraft is so happy to extend the various cabinet discounts that have been available for a few months. There are discounts on cabinet lines, styles, finishes and features.Why wait to start the project of your dreams, when there are discounts to take advantage of now? Our talented kitchen and bath designers are eager to create […]

What does Green Cabinetry really mean?

The term Green can mean something different to every person, and ranges from small and simple to large and extensive.  Holiday Kitchens is the source we use for all our clients’ custom cabinetry needs. A few years ago they partnered with National eco-friendly and healthy home interior designer Robin Wilson, creating their Robin Wilson Home line of […]

30% regret not researching & planning their kitchen remodel enough

According to a survey by Consumer Report, “Roughly 30 percent of readers regretted not spending more time planning, learning more about materials, and screening pros.” When you get jazzed over the prospect of how fantastic a new kitchen will be, you may want to hit the ground running. If you fly through your research & planning phase in excitement, though, […]