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Showroom Remodel – Under Construction

With a successful year coming to a close, we decided to ring in the new year with a beautiful renovation to the client consultation room at the rear of our showroom. It’s going to be a functioning “Smart Kitchen” with all the bells and whistles. There will be a touch screen remote to manage it all, but one could also use their smart phone and internet as well. This remote will manage the electronic entry door locks, electronic blinds, thermostats, lighting, surveylance equipment, mechanized cabinet doors, huge flat screen television, and surround sound system.

Here are some photos of the room toward the beginning of construction.

We walled in two windows and a coat closet, and replaced the door with a 9-panel one. The hardwood was replaced with ceramic tile that looks like hardwood. When I show you the finished project, you will see what I mean.





The ceiling was ripped out, and replaced with the decorative features of a coffered ceiling with beams and heavy moldings.





We put in new enery-efficient LED lighting throughout the room.






We also added decorative moldings around the entryway leading to the room from our main showroom.







The project is now just about finished. The crown moldings are being added to the cabinets at the ceiling, and other small finishing touches are going on. Once we’ve had it painted, I’ll post with “after photos”. Even unfinished, it’s a totally WOW space. Simply gorgeous!


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