Granite Trend: Leather Finish

A granite countertop trend that we’ve noticed at Kitchen Kraft, is using a beautiful leather finish rather than a polished one. This finish adds texture to the (honed) surface, and brings an understated elegance to your home. The leather process closes the pores (compared to honing) and retains the color better than honing. While a leathered finish has a sheen to it, it is nowhere near as reflective as a polished surface. You won’t see water spots or smudges at all with this finish. A good analogy would be that a leathered finish is like a matte finish on a photograph whereas a polished surface is like a glossy photograph. Leathering is preferred to honing for blacks and other very dark materials. For example the amount of texture on Absolute Black is minimal and very fine-grained, and the finish is much more uniform than honing Absolute Black. The photo below is of a leathered Ubatuba granite.

Contact Kitchen Kraft today, to look into updating your kitchen with this gorgeous countertop option.

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