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The merits of hiring an experienced kitchen/bath contractor vs. DIY

If you are thinking about a kitchen or bath remodel, you might want to consider hiring an experienced remodeler, rather than taking the job on yourself. I’m like the next girl, watching HGTV DIY shows, seeing how easy and seemless they make their projects look, and thinking “that doesn’t look very hard to figure out.” Unless you are super handy and have access to all the proper (and expensive) tools needed, leave it to the pros!

These types of projects are complex, so knowledge and experience in several areas is required. A home remodeler who specializes in kitchens and baths has this knowledge and experience, as well as the in with local suppliers and specialty contractors (i.e. electrical or plumbing) to produce the quality work you want and deserve. Your qualified contractor will know:

  • How to properly measure and cut for correct installation of cabinets, countertops, flooring and tile work.
  • How and where to position all the electrical outlets needed, for both major appliances as well as other needs.
  • How to make adjustments for uneven floors or walls for properly hanging and installing cabinets, and cutting and installing countertops.
  • How to properly install and seal sinks, faucets, ventilation, appliances, etc.
  • How to correctly run and position all lines, wires and pipes for ranges, cooktops, and sinks on a newly installed island or peninsula.

A quality installation makes for a happy and healthy home.


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