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30% regret not researching & planning their kitchen remodel enough

According to a survey by Consumer Report, “Roughly 30 percent of readers regretted not spending more time planning, learning more about materials, and screening pros.”

When you get jazzed over the prospect of how fantastic a new kitchen will be, you may want to hit the ground running. If you fly through your research & planning phase in excitement, though, you may very well accrue substantial costs from design & material changes after the remodel has started. Some things you can do in advance are as follows:

  • PONDER. Take time to think on how you use your kitchen, and how it fits with other rooms in your home.
  • PEEK AROUND. Check out the hot kitchen trends in magazines and on websites; attend local home tours, and visit model homes. Design/remodel showrooms, as well as gourmet cooking stores, often have small kitchen vignettes, so browse around those.
  • PREPARE A LIST. Create a running list of features to change or add in your remodel and keep it in your kitchen, making it handy for family members to add ideas as they come to mind.

Once your list of needs is finished, jot down ideas of things you’d just love to have, but aren’t necessarily practical. Do you dream of adding a small under-counter wine cooler or warming drawer for entertaining? How about a place to showcase your wonderful collectibles, like Grandma’s silver tea service, Belleek tea cups, and Waterford crystal serving bowls?

Just as the rest of your home does, your kitchen should reflect your personal style. Sometimes the latest trends don’t necessarily work for your tastes. A good designer will personalize your space to fit you. There is no reason to sacrifice appearance for function with the abundance of storage, surface, cooking, flooring and lighting options available to you!


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