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What does Green Cabinetry really mean?

The term Green can mean something different to every person, and ranges from small and simple to large and extensive.  Holiday Kitchens is the source we use for all our clients’ custom cabinetry needs. A few years ago they partnered with National eco-friendly and healthy home interior designer Robin Wilson, creating their Robin Wilson Home line of […]

Baked Chicken Penne with Alfredo-Marinara Sauce

There is just something about pasta. It’s versatile, delicious both hot and cold. It’s also a comfort food for many, including me! I recently returned from a week’s vacation in Washington/Idaho, for my oldest nephew Marco’s wedding (Steph, welcome to the Nuthouse!). A bunch of the cousins decided to head to dinner together the night […]

30% regret not researching & planning their kitchen remodel enough

According to a survey by Consumer Report, “Roughly 30 percent of readers regretted not spending more time planning, learning more about materials, and screening pros.” When you get jazzed over the prospect of how fantastic a new kitchen will be, you may want to hit the ground running. If you fly through your research & planning phase in excitement, though, […]

Bringing the spa feel home

When developing new spaces in the home, tranquility comes to mind.     With abysmal home values on the horizon for the next few years, homeowners are more stressed than ever. A soothing, relaxing place to unwind and decompress is just what the doctor ordered. Soaking tubs with massaging jets, and showers with the works […]

Welcome to my blog!

I will be posting articles on kitchen and bath trends, photos & info on projects we’ve done, and maybe even other things like recipes. I promise to make it as interesting as possible!